Terahertz Sensors, Components and Systems

Bakman Technologies assembles the world’s only portable, turn-key, frequency domain THZ spectrometers. We have both single and dual channel systems capable of performing high resolution spectroscopy. The single channel instrument can be configured for transmission or reflection measurements while the dual channel THz spectrometer is capable of simultaneously measuring both the transmitted and reflected THz power from a sample. Our portable systems are integrated into a chassis that weighs only 2.5 kg. We also use telecomm accepted practices to package our own photomixers. Our photomixers are so robust that they are capable of repeated use at temperatures as low as 4.5 Kelvin.

The electronics, lasers, photomixers, chassis, firmware and software were all designed specifically for our line of products. The custom design has enabled us to make our spectrometers practical and cost effective. Furthermore, the systems were designed to be adaptable and capable of easy integration into existing equipment for OEM applications.

Our spectrometers are sold worldwide and have been used for multiple applications including: explosives characterization, material characterization, fuel and oil analysis and bio-sensing. Our customers recognize that unlike time domain systems, which rely upon expensive mode-locked lasers, photomixing systems only require two semiconductor lasers and are therefore extremely scalable. This means our technology is the most viable choice for researchers developing applications for large markets.

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