Presentations and White Papers

Bakman Thz Review

Overview of THz technologies and applications at Bakman.

Simultaneous Measurement of the 1st and 2nd Harmonics of a Phase-Modulated Coherent Frequency-Domain THz Spectrometer

Employing Phase Modulation and Second Harmonic Nulling to Eliminate the Interference Fringes from the Spectrum of a Portable Coherent Frequency-Domain THz Spectrometer

Integrated Phase Control on a Portable Coherent Frequency-Domain THz Spectrometer

Portable Coherent Frequency-Domain Terahertz Spectrometer

Field-portable THz Spectrometer for Characterization of Explosives and Chemicals

A High Signal-to-Noise Ratio Coherent Frequency-Domain THz Spectrometer Employed to Characterize Explosive Compounds


THz Takes Flight

This video shows the very first flight of a drone mounted Bakman Technologies
PB7220-2000 Frequency Domain THz Spectrometer. It details how it may be used to
combat air pollution and global warming.

PB7220 Series THz Spectrometer THz Head Versatility

This video illustrates the versatility of the snap-in-place THz source and detector heads
for the PB7220 series of spectrometers.

PB7220-2000-T: A truly portable THz spectrometer

We un-box a Bakman Technologies PB7220-2000-T frequency domain terahertz
spectrometer to illustrate how compact the system is.

Assembling a Bakman PB7220-2000-T Spectrometer

After un-boxing our PB7220-2000-T Bakman Technologies THz spectrometer we show
how easy it is to assemble it.