Custom Built THz Systems and Components

The PB7300 Series of frequency domain THz spectrometers were specifically designed for adaptability. Any butterfly packaged laser, of any wavelength, can be integrated into the RoHS electronics through the emplementation of separate "personality boards." The electronics can also support a phase-modulator to allow for fringe-free measurements through a technique involving 2nd harmonic detection. In order to maximize adaptability we have developed open source Python code for operating from any environment including that of a Raspberry Pi that can be directly plugged into the electronics. An integrated lock-in amplifier operates at 6 kHz and a connector on the back of the board provides a signal for an external reference.

So if you would like to try something different, contact us in regards to a custom instrument set up for imaging, spectroscopy, communications or something really crazy.

Custom Photomixer Custom System OEM Head Board

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